Household goods

Putting the polish on your packaging needn’t cost the earth.

Not all closures and containers are made equal and Roberts are able to offer a number of solutions for candles, aromatherapy, polishes and more.

Browse our range of packaging for household products, or talk to a member of our customer service team for advice.

Candle jars

Extruded aluminium candle jars are available in a range of diameters and depths with Aluminium Lids. A limited range is also available in Tinplate.


A joy for the senses and the environment. Pierced Aluminium caps for Reed diffusers and multi-pierced lids for air-freshener jars are stress-free and infinitely recyclable.


Natural furniture polish sits beautifully in a recyclable aluminium tin with embossed or debossed lid. Tinplate closures for shoe polish are also available in a range of diameters with suitable liner options. Why not consider a 3-part extruded Aluminium jar with Aluminium Lid and Aluminium dish for sponge applicator – almost anything is possible!

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