Toiletries, health and wellness

Toiletries, health
and wellness

The look and feel of a product plays a vital part in the decision making process.

Roberts offers a wide range of stylish aluminium packaging for cosmetics, toiletries and other bathroom essentials, including pre-threaded screw caps for bottles and jars, small containers (ideal for creams, balms, putties and gels) and pressed powder godets for colour cosmetics. Aluminium’s malleable quality exposes a wide range of visual and tactile branding options, that include printing, lacquering, colour-coating, embossing, or debossing: the perfect way to give your product a competitive advantage.

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Lip balms

Our Small Aluminium jars consist of 10-25ml and are versatile for branding through embossing, and or decoration and are completely recyclable. Just perfect for lip balms!

Hand & face cream

No bathroom shelf is worth a mirror selfie without a gorgeous tin of face cream or hand cream on show.

Body butter & moisturiser

Flexible container sizes ranging from 50ml to 250ml using cosmetic grade aluminium and tinplate.

Soap & shampoo bars

Appealing to zero waste living, solid soap and shampoo bars deserve travel-friendly, reusable, and recyclable aluminium tins. Now you can simply wash & go!

Shower gel & shampoo

Top your glass, Aluminium or plastic bottle with an Aluminium screwcap – it’s 100% recyclable and always in style.

Make up compacts

Pop a pressed-powder godet in a compact or palette for pressed powder products such as highlighter, bronzer or blush.

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