Why metal?

Shining examples of good packaging

Aluminium and tinplate packaging offer unique benefits. Both metals look and feel superb, with a radiant sheen and smooth finish that adds a touch of class to any product.

Aluminium is soft and highly formable, it does not rust and so is ideal in a bathroom environment. It is also quite inert and will not react or corrode unless there is a low pH or high salt content. It is therefore ideal for toiletries, haircare, skincare and cosmetic products as well as for some dried foods and household goods. It is lightweight and easily transportable.

Tinplate, on the other hand, can rust in a damp environment but it has other attributes. Tinplate is strong and far less prone to denting and damage. It is highly suitable for food and household goods such as polishes as well as many other uses.

Aluminium and tinplate have a special classification as ‘permanently available materials’ meaning they are abundantly available on planet Earth and because they are infinitely recyclable with no deterioration to molecular structure, they are ideal materials fora circular economy.

Recycling Aluminium and Tinplate saves energy – metal scrap is not waste, it is a resource.

Both aluminium and tinplate offer unique individual qualities which need careful consideration before making a decision. Speak to a member of our sales and technical team about which material is right for your specific requirements.