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Whether you’re a small, artisan food producer or an industrial-sized operation, Roberts has a range of versatile and sustainable lids to suit glass or plastic jars that will keep the contents airtight, spill-proof and meet all UK and European hygiene standards. Your granola will retain its crunch, your herbs will stay aromatic and your preserve will pack a punch – plus we can customise lids with embossing, debossing, colour coating or decoration subject to your quantities.

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Tinplate screw caps

Particularly suitable for use with acidic food products such as pickles and mayonnaise.

Honey caps

Our rolled edge/knurled rim Tinplate screwcaps are specifically designed for honey pots and jars.

Sweet jars

Our Softline ranges of Aluminium jars provide a secure, airtight pack for sweets or pills.

Herbs & spices

Aluminium or Tinplate Screwcaps can be used with glass or plastic jars for dry storage of herbs and spices or go all the way with an Aluminium jar.

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